Silicon Carbide Heating Element

Silicon Carbide Heating Element

Straight Type Heater Dumbell Shaped Silicon Carbide Heater Spiral Silicon Carbide Heater U Shaped silicon Carbide Heater

Straight Type Heater

Straight type heater
Straight Type Silicon Rod features welded low resistance (LRE) cold ends which run cooler than any one piece cold ends. Heat is concentrated in the Furnace, not the ends, for energy efficiency. Maximum Temperature 1550° C.

DIGIQUAL has one of the highest Hot: Cold ratios of 1:40, which makes it one of the most energy efficient Silicon Carbide Heaters

Dumbell Shaped Silicon Carbide Heater

One of the earliest Heating Element designs, the enlarged cold ends of the Dumbbell style element were originally made with over sized cold ends to increase cold end cross section, lowering electrical resistance, thereby lowering cold end operating temperatures.

Modern Dumbbell Alpha Rod by contrast, employ an advance technology to keep the terminal ends cool by virtue of the decreased resistivity of the lower resistance cold end material used in the manufacturing process.

Over size cold ends are therefore no longer necessary, the old style resistance ratio was 1:3, whereas the new DB resistance ratio is 1:40. Maximum temperature is 1550 deg. C. (For Dimensions, Resistance, etc. kindly contact us)

Spiral Silicon Carbide Heater

Spiral Silicon Carbide Elements are made from thin walled tubes of Alpha Silicon Carbide, which are dense and resistant to oxidation. Spiral Silicon Carbide Elements operate in most industrial and laboratory Furnaces at temperatures upto 1600oC.

Spiral Silicon Carbide Elements being a thin walled, fine grain form of reaction bonded Silicon Carbide, will withstand very rapid heating and cooling cycles, severe thermal shocks, and high Electrical loadings. The Spiral Silicon Sicon Carbide Element range of elements are available in different product forms to suit a variety of heating processes

U Shaped silicon Carbide Heater

The ‘U’ Shaped Silicon Carbide Rod comprises of two carefully matched SIC Rods united with a Thickened Bridge, both terminals from one side of the Furnace. Ideal for drop through design, radiant tube systems or where one element will not span the heating chamber.

Type U element with straight cold end. Dumbbell cold end are also available (For Dimensions, Resistance, Kindly Contact us)