High Temperature Box Furnace – 1500°C

For Temperature of 1500/1600/1700°C
Specially designed for specific applications heated by Molybdenum di-silicide rods where maximum continuous
operating temperature will not exceed 1500/1600/1700°C
Digiqual Furnace is double walled, Box Type rectangular in shape with opening in the front, heated by Molybdenum di-silicide rods. The temperature is controlled by Microprocessor based PID Controller. The power to the heating elements controlled by Current Limit Feed Back Type Thyristor pack with auto/manual option with control and indication accuracy ± 2/3 deg C.
The outer chamber is fabricated out of thick C.R.C.A sheets(1.6 mm), fully reinforced with angle iron frame work to make the equipment mechanically very rigid. the outer shell has air cooling facility to circulate air by a cooling fan to have a cool exterior to make the skin temperature is maintained around 60/70 Deg.C.
The furnace chamber will be lined with Imported Ceramic Boards of 1700°C This will follow by a layer of Vacuum Forming zirconia BOARDS of 1500°C. Low mass high grade thermal insulation will be provided to ensure consistent result in efficient heating and cooling of the furnace and to keep the surface temperature within permissible limits.
Double walled door with insulation by Ceramic Boards / zirconia Fibre Boards is provided in the front opening. The door will be mounted on heavy duty hinges to provide perfect seal when the door is in closed position. The Door will have simple but effective locking arrangement.
As Option a door switch is incorporated, to cut off the power supply, when the door is opened during the operation and to re-start again when it is closed.
The temperature inside the chamber is indicated and controlled by a smart range Digital PID Programmable Controller which will have Auto/Manual Control Features and Other standard control systems. The Controller work in conjunction with B Type thermocouple and thyristor power control device.
Due to this arrangement of current Limit Feed Back Arrangement, the control system is protected from higher current/voltage.
A compact control panel accommodating the following will be provided aling with the furnace:
Microprocessor based Programmable PID controller.(Make – Honeywell or Shinko Or Eurotherm)

  • Pilot Indicating Lights.
  • HRC Fuse units(L&T)
  • Thyristor Power Control Device.
  • Voltmeter (AE)
  • Ammeter (AE)
  • Circuit Breaker
  • Main Isolating Switch
  • Step Down Transformer.
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