Industrial Tray Dryer


Digiqual Manufacturers Industrial Tray Drier Consist of a Triple Walled chamber. The Inner chamber fabricated out of Mild Steel Or 304 Grade Stainless steel sheet. The Middle And outer chamber is made of mild steel. The inter space in between the walls is tightly packed with special grade glass wool insulation to eliminate radiation heat loss to a minimum.
The Industrial Tray Drier chamber is provided with a double walled door double door made of mild steel or SS 304 in the front with glass wool insulation in between. The door mounted on heavy duty hinges and provided with roller type spring loaded latch
The heating elements used will be strip type heaters distributed in both sides of the drier and the terminals are neatly brought and terminated in the junction box outside the chamber. The heating elements can be easily replaced and due care is taken for easy maintenance.
To achieve uniform temperature all over the inner chamber, the unit is incorporated with continuously rated powerful motor along with blower assembly the blower assembly will be fitted on the sided or Top of the oven. The Industrial Tray drier will be provided with adjustable opening at the top to moisture vapours produced during processing.
The temperature inside is Industrial Tray Drier maintained at any desired level within the operating range by a ON/Off Digital Temperature controller working in conjunction with RTD/Thermocouple placed in the hot zone.
The drier will accommodates required no: of trays. The Trays are fabricated out of 304 grades stainless steel sheets. The trays will be of stainless steel trays with SS bracket runners.
A compact control panel accommodating, pilot indicating lamps, On/Off switch, On/Off Digital Temperature controller, MCB,Starter,Units, Etc.., is provided at one side of the chamber for operational convenience.
Standard Models

12 Trays / 24 Trays / 48 Trays / 72 Trays / 96 Trays or as required.

Dimension of the inner chamber will be designed and offered as required by you


  • Microprocessor based PID controller
  • Microprocessor based Programmable controller with Thyristor Control timer
  • Trolley with Trays / Baskets for bigger Driers.
  • Fully stainless steel 304 or 316 for food applications
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