Motor Winding RTD Temperature Sensor

Simplex (Single element) stator winding RTDs
Motor Winding RTD Temperature SensorStator Winding Senosr

Motor Winding RTD Temperature Sensors are used to measure winding temperature of large Motors, Generators etc. These sensor are sandwiched between the windings of Motors/Generators. Unlike on/off devices, It allows continuous measurement of winding temperature. Normally six sensors are recommended for each motor, Two per Phase. This RTD are generally flat type in construction and are available in various sizes.

Motor Winding RTD Temperature Sensor – Specifications
Type : PT 100(100 ohm at 0 degC)*
Model : TSRE series
Body Material : Fibre Glass epoxy
Temperature Class : Class F(Temperature limit:155 DegC) or
Class H(Temperature limit:180 DegC)
Calibration Standard : IEC 60751 Or DIN 43760
Temperature coefficient(TCR):0.003850
Accuracy : Class A/B/2B
Sensing current : 10mA maximum
Dielectric strength : 3 KV/50Hz for 1minute between leads & surface of Glass epoxy
body (Increased dielectric strength up to 5 KV/ 50Hz for 1 minute upon request.)
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