Cylindrical Soldering Pot

Digiqual systems is an Soldering Pot, Tinning Pot , PCB Soldering Pot Manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India, Chennai Digiqual Systems Manufacturers Cylindrical Tinning Pot , Rectangular Tinning Pot , PCB Soldering Machine , Lead Melting Bath , Transformer Tinning Machine.

Digiqual Manufactures Cylindrical Soldering Pot ,Tinning Pot / Dip soldering Machine. Outer chamber Made of Mild Steel Powder Coated. Inner Chamber ( Pot ) is Fabricated out of Specially Procured SS 316 Material or Titanium to With stand Metal & High Temperature.
Heating Element is Developed out of Ceramic Type with Nicrome Heater for High Temperature & Long Life. Space Between Pot & Chamber is insulated with High alumina Ceramic Blankets which is used for Furnaces. By using these Blanket Insulation Digiqual Tinning Pots are of Long Life , Durable, heavy Duty.

Technical Specifications
Pot MOC SS 316 or Titanium of 3mm Wall Thickness
Outer MS Powder Coating
Heating Element Ceramic Type Heater
Watts 500 to 1500 W according to size.
Temp. Range Maximum 350* C
Temperature Controller Digital
PID Temp Controller
Thermocouple Mineral Insulated 3 mm dia Thermocouple for
Long Life.
Accuracy Mineral Insulated 3 mm dia Thermocouple for Long Life.
Available Sizes Max Temp Wattage
50 x 50 mm 350 * C 400 W
50 x 75 mm 350 * C 500 W
110 x 50 mm 350 * C 700 W
110 x 75 mm 350* C 800 W


  • Wire Tinning
  • Transformer Tinning
  • Enamel Removing
  • Lead Coating in Lugs.


  • For 60 / 40 Lead Go for SS 316 Pot.
  • For ROHS Lead Go for Titanium Pot.
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