Tubular Air heaters

Digiqual systems is an Industrial Heater Manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India, Chennai Digiqual Heater Manufacturer in Chennai providing best Tubular heaters, Hot runner Heaters, Silica Glass Heater, Cartridge Heaters, Band heaters, Strip heaters, Oil Immersion Heaters , Water Immersion Heater, Ceramic Band Heater , Mica Band Heaters and more.
Tubular Finned Heater
DIGIQUAL’S tubular and finned tubular elements provide a highly efficient, reliable and cost effective means of supplying heat directly to air.
They are available in straight lengths or bent as per customers requirement with threaded stud connection at both ends. Finned tubular heaters have enlarged surface area to help faster dissipation of heat. Fins MOC Will of Galvanized Iron ( GI ) Or Stainless Steel (SS)

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