Cylindrical SS Top Hot Plate

Cylindrical SS Top Hot Plate

Digiqual is a premier manufacturer & supplier of Hot Plate and Mantles like Cylindrical SS Top Hot Plate, Rectangular SS Top Hot Plate, Laboratory Hot Plate , Soxhlet Apparatus, Heating Mantle and Electric Bunsen Burner.

Cylindrical SS Tope Hot plate Top Made of 5 mm thick SS 304 Top with Kanthal Al Heating elements Well insulated with Ceramic Balnket. Outer Chamber is Fabricated out of Mild Steel Powder Coate.
Heater is Controlled by Energy Regulator

Size – In inches Wattage
8 1.5 KW
10 2.0,KW
12 2.5 KW

Optional :

  • Digital PID Temperature Controller
  • Digital Timer.

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