Rtd Sensor with Extension Cable

RTD Sensor with Extension Cable

Digiqual systems is an Rtd ( Pt 100 ) Sensor manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India, Chennai Digiqual is a premier manufacturer & supplier of Rtd Sensor, Pt 100 Temperature Sensor, Rtd ( Pt 100 ) Sensor with Head & Terminal, Motor Winding Rtd Temperature Sensor, Rtd Sensor with Teflon Extension Cable, High Temperature Rtd Sensor.

RTD PT100 probe sensors have Class B elements with attached lead wire in a convenient 5 pack. These OEM RTD sensors are supplied with attached lead wires for added flexibility in many replacement probe or OEM RTD sensor applications. The size of the potted junction between the lead wire and element is kept as small as possible. Note: These elements are not intended for direct immersion into liquids.

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