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Laboratory Chambers

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Humidity Chamber

Digiqual Laboratory Chamber Manufacturer in Chennai providing best Laboratory Chambers like , Humidity Chamber, Hot and cold Chamber , Environmental Chamber , Battery Test Chamber and more.

Digiqual Humidity Test Chamber is a double walled chamber. The inner chamber is made of 304 stainless steel material with mirror finish. The Outer wall is made of Mild Steel with Powder coating finish or alternatively Stainless steel 304 with or without epoxy powder coating finish for excellent looks.

The chamber is provided with a double walled door with a toughened glass viewing window which allow inspection of samples without disturbing the temperature inside the chamber. The door is mounted on heavy duty plate hinges with effective locking arrangement and seals against atmospheric infiltration by resilient magnet gasket. A second door made of clear Acrylic will be provided mounted on SS hinges and with magnetic catch to enable full visibility of the inner chamber keeping minimum loss of the test process condition.
Humidity is controlled by Humidistat, having range 0% to 100% but humidity can be obtained from atmospheric humidity to 95% with sensitivity of ± 3%. Temperature controlled by digital temperature controller from ambient 5 ºCto 60 °C with an accuracy of ± 1 °C.

Humidity is attained by the mist of water that is circulated inside the chamber for maintaining 40% to 95% humidity. A water reservoir will be provided with Auto low-level water cut off device and alarm. A compact control panel with switches, Indicating lamps, Temperature controllers are fixed at the side of the chamber for operational convenience.

No.Trays 2 or 3
MOC of Trays SS 304
Temp. Controller Microprocessor based PID Type
RH Controller Microprocessor based PID Type
Power Supply 230 V AC, Single Phase.
Temperature Range 15 to 60 Degs C ± 1 Degs C
Humidity Range 45% to 95%,± 3% RH
Temp. Range for RH Operation 20 to 60 Degs C Only.
Standard Chamber Size Power Rating
455 × 455 × 710 mm 3.0 kw
605 × 605 × 605 mm 4.5 kw
605 × 605 × 910 mm 4.5 kw
Digital Controller with RTD Sensor: ± 2 ° C.
Digital PID Controller for accuracy: ± 1 ° C
Air Circulating Fan Assembly: Timer

Hot and Cold Chamber

Other Details:

  • Timer
Chamber Size No. of Trays
350 X 350 X 350 -20C to 100C
450 X 450 X 450 -30C to 120C
500 X 500 X 500 -30C to 120C

Environmental chamber

Humidity Chamber 1

Heavy-duty robust construction with inner chamber made of stainless steel and outer made of cold rolled mild steel sheets finished in powder coating. The inter space in between the walls is tightly packed with superior grade glass wool.

The inner chamber accommodates stainless steel shelves at adjustable heights. Double walled, insulated door, and is provided in the front with Glass Window, which allows inspection of samples without disturbing the inner chamber temperature.

The rear chamber of the interior is fitted with a refrigeration evaporator, heater and powerful air circulating fan to create a positive air flow through the chamber. A hermatically sealed compressor below the chamber is provides temperature below ambient. The same compartment houses a boiler with an immersion heater and low water level switch for humidity.

The control panel comprises of ON/OFF switches, fully automatic PID controller for temperature and humidity. Indicators are provided for water level, main switch, heating, cooling and humidity Temperature range from 10 °C to 80 °C ±1 °C. and the humidity range is from ambient to 95% /- 3% RH. Provided with door operated exterior illumination by fluorescent tubes and 0-24 cyclic timer.

Designed to work on 220/230 volts A/C supply.Supplied complete with control panel.

Inner Chamber Size No.of Trays
450 x 410 x 710 mm 2
605 x 605 x 910 mm 3
500 x 750 x 1000 mm 3
1000 x 1000 x 1000 mm 3