Laboratory Autoclave – Vertical

Laboratory Vertical Autoclave

We offering a new class of Fully Automatic Vertical Autoclave, Laboratory Autoclave, Vertical Pressure Steam Autoclave and more.

Double walled chamber, Interior, Perforated Basket and the Doomed Lid made of polished Stainless steel, argon arc welded and Exterior made of Stainless steel sheets / Cold rolled mild steel sheet finished in powder coating. The Lid is tightened with wing nut.

Heating elements are Immersion type Heaters. The Unit is fitted with Neoprene Rubber Gasket to ensure tight sealing. All Autoclaves are hydraulically tested up to 40 PSI as safety measure. The Unit is incorporated with Pedal Lifting Device for easy opening of the Lid.

Standard accessories supplied with unit are Water level indicator, pressure gauge, steam release cock, spring-loaded safety valve, cord and plug

Pressure Range 20 psi.
Inner Temp. 120 ° C.
Operating volt 230 Volts

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Model No. Diameter x Height Power Rating
DQ-AC-01 300 x 300 mm* 1.5 kw
DQ-AC-02 250 x 450 mm* 1.5 kw
DQ-AC-03 300 x 500 mm* 2.0 kw
DQ-AC-04 350 x 600 mm 3.0 kw
DQ-AC-05 450 x 600 mm 4.0 kw
DQ-AC-06 450 x 750 mm 4.0 kw
DQ-AC-07 550 x 750 mm 5.0 kw
DQ-AC-08 750 x 1000 mm 6.0 kw