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Cashew Drying Oven

Laboratory Hot Air Oven

Digiqual Hot Air Oven is double walled on the back and two sided with interior walls made of stainless 304 sheets and exterior made of M.S sheets. The doors will be double walled and seals against atmospheric infiltration gasket. The Doors will be mounted in heavy duty hinges for easy opening and closing.

Inter space in between the outer and middle wall is tightly packed with special grade glass wool. the outside skin temperature will be around 20 top 30 degs C above ambient. The oven will be provided with required number of adjustable Trays.
Suitable heater is provided which will have much longer life. The Heating system will be designed for max.250 degs C operation with uniform temperature all over the Oven Chamber.
An Air circulation fan with a suitable motor mounted at the back for ensuring uniform temperature throughout the heating chamber. The temperature inside the chamber is controlled by a Digital Temperature Indicator cum controller which will work in conjunction with a Thermocouple.
A control Panel with Digital Indicator cum controller, Air circulating Fan starters, Indicator Lamps for line and load, Main switch, Fuse etc is provided.

Technical Specifications
Temperature Range : Ambient
+5°C to 250°C
Temperature Accuracy : 5°C
: 230 Voltage
Chamber Size Trays Power Rating kw
300 X 300 X 300 2 1.0
355 X 355 X 355 2 1.2
455 X 455 X 455 2 1.8
455 X 455 X 605 2 2.4
605 X 605 X 605 3 3.0
605 X 455 X 910 3 4.0
605 X 605 X 910 3 4.0

Stainless Steel Laboratory Oven

Hot Air Oven Completely Fabricated out of SS 304 Sheets.

Technical Specifications
Temperature Range : Ambient
+5°C to 250°C
Temperature Accuracy : 5°C
: 230 Voltage
Chamber Size Trays Power Rating kw
300 X 300 X 300 2 1.0
355 X 355 X 355 2 1.2
455 X 455 X 455 2 1.8
455 X 455 X 605 2 2.4
605 X 605 X 605 3 3.0
605 X 455 X 910 3 4.0
605 X 605 X 910 3 4.0

Vacuum Oven

Double Walled Chamber, outer chamber rectangular in shape made of thick mild steel sheets. The inner chamber is CYLINDRICAL in shape made of stainless steel sheets with provision for vacuum pump and the vacuum gauge is provided at the top of unit. The inner chamber accommodate one no. Stainless steel tray at adjustable height.
The oven is insulated with special grade glass wool to reduce the radiation heat loss to the minimum. The door is of stainless steel plate with a specially designed mechanism having alignment. A perfect seal is obtained by a positive screw specially designed for tightening the lid. A glass window is provided in the centre for viewing without opening the door.
A set of band heaters is wrapped around the vacuum chamber for fast response and maximum uniformity of heat. The temperature is indicated and controlled by a microprocessor based PID Temperature indicator cum controller working in conjunction with RTD sensor.
A compact model control panel accommodating, pilot Indicating lamps, PID Temperature controller, will be fitted on the side of the oven for easy operation.

Chamber Size(diameter × Depth) mm 200 × 200 250 × 250 250 × 300 300 × 300
Maximum,Temperature ° C 200 200 200 200

Plastic Pre-Heating Oven

Industrial Oven 1 copy
Ovens are Designed for Plastic Granules Pre Heating. Oven Designed Rugged & Heavy for continuous Production Purpose.

Model DQP-01 DQP-02 DQP-03 DQP-04 DQP-05
Inner,chanber size W*H*D(mm) 400*450*400 600*900*500 800*1000*600 1000*1000*600 1200*1000*600
Exterior,chanber size W*H*D(mm) 750*1100*550 1150*1650*740 1300*1700*840 1500*1750*840 1850*1750*840
Temperature,Range Room,temperature 10ºC to 250ºC


Temperature,control accuracy ±0.3ºC
Temperature,uniformity ±1ºC
Temperature,resolution 0.1ºC
Heat-up,time 30minutes


Exterior,chamber material Mild,Steel Powder Coated
Interior,chamber material Mild,Steel Powder Coated
Insulation Fiberglass,wool


Wind,Circulation Sirocco,fan
Heating,system SS,304 Finned Tubular Heater
Controller Digiqual,– PD Temperature Controller.
Power,supply AC380V,60/50Hz
Customization Customization,of inner chamber size, temperature & humidity range etc.

Industrial Box Type Oven


DIGIQUAL SYSTEMS Heavy Duty Small Batch or Industrial oven is designed for heavy-duty applications and is offered in Many standard sizes. Each of these units are available in two (2) standard continuous maximum temperature ratings 400 * C. Custom sized ovens are available upon request.
The Digiqual Industrial Oven can be an ideal Bigger Industrial oven for applications which require aggressive heat-up rates and tight temperature uniformity tolerances throughout the entire work chamber. These Bigger Industrial ovens are also a good choice for processes which have long dwell times or high volume production requirements. It has unequalled air volume and heat input. As a standard, It utilizes electric heating elements to heat the recirculated air. Some of the larger sized Digiqual Oven can be modified to be heated with a Natural or Propane gas burner at an additional cost.
The Digiqual Oven is an industrial laboratory oven with an integral insulated floor, a floor stand, and a structural rack and shelf assembly. Shelves are removable, but are not designed to be pulled in or out during normal operation as a drawer. The air is introduced into the work chamber through adjustable ductwork, in either a horizontal air flow design, or combination.

Sl.No Inner Dimensions Wattage Max Temperature
1. 750 x 750 x 750 mm. 3 KW 250 * C
2. 1000 x 1000 x 1000 mm. 9 KW 250 * C
3. 1250 x 1250 x 1250 mm 15 KW 250 * C
4. 1500 x 1500 x 1500 mm 20 KW 250 * C
5. 2000 x 2000 x 2000 mm. 25 KW 250 * C

Industrial Tray Dryer


Digiqual – Industrial Tray Drier Consist of a Triple Walled chamber. The Inner chamber fabricated out of Mild Steel Or 304 Grade Stainless steel sheet. The Middle And outer chamber is made of mild steel. The inter space in between the walls is tightly packed with special grade glass wool insulation to eliminate radiation heat loss to a minimum.
The chamber is provided with a double walled door double door made of mild steel or SS 304 in the front with glass wool insulation in between. The door mounted on heavy duty hinges and provided with roller type spring loaded latch
The heating elements used will be strip type heaters distributed in both sides of the drier and the terminals are neatly brought and terminated in the junction box outside the chamber. The heating elements can be easily replaced and due care is taken for easy maintenance.
To achieve uniform temperature all over the inner chamber, the unit is incorporated with continuously rated powerful motor along with blower assembly the blower assembly will be fitted on the sided or Top of the oven. The drier will be provided with adjustable opening at the top to moisture vapours produced during processing.
The temperature inside is maintained at any desired level within the operating range by a ON/Off Digital Temperature controller working in conjunction with RTD/Thermocouple placed in the hot zone.
The drier will accommodates required no: of trays. The Trays are fabricated out of 304 grades stainless steel sheets. The trays will be of stainless steel trays with SS bracket runners.
A compact control panel accommodating, pilot indicating lamps, On/Off switch, On/Off Digital Temperature controller, MCB,Starter,Units, Etc.., is provided at one side of the chamber for operational convenience.
Standard Models

12 Trays / 24 Trays / 48 Trays / 72 Trays / 96 Trays or as required.

Dimension of the inner chamber will be designed and offered as required by you


  • Microprocessor based PID controller
  • Microprocessor based Programmable controller with Thyristor Control timer
  • Trolley with Trays / Baskets for bigger Driers.
  • Fully stainless steel 304 or 316 for food applications
  • Cashew Drying Oven

    As specialists in this industry, we provide our respected clients with a wide range of Cashew Oven which is used for roasting, heating, drying, this Cashew Oven is well designed utilizing the top grade raw material with the help of sophisticated technology under the guidance of our professionals. Our Cashew Oven is demanded for easy installation and optimum performance. We offer this Cashew Oven at nominal rates to customers.

    Size Operating,Voltage Watt(kw) Operation,Temperature (°C) Inside,Dimensions (D*W*H mm)
    DQC-01 220 2 indoor-300°C 350*450*450
    DQC-02 220 3 indoor-300°C 450*550*550
    DQC-03 440 4.5 indoor-300°C 500*600*750
    DQC-04 440 9 indoor-300°C 800*800*1000
    DQC-05 440 12 indoor-300°C 1000*1000*1000
    DQC-06 440 15 indoor-300°C 1000*1200*1200
    DQC-07 440 18 indoor-300°C 1000*1200*1500
    DQC-08 440 21 indoor-300°C 1200*1500*1500