Laboratory Vacuum Oven

Laboratory Vacuum Oven
Digiqual Systems manufacturers Laboratory Vacuum Oven, High Vacuum Oven till 10 x -3 Bar Capacity.

Double Walled Chamber, outer chamber rectangular in shape made of thick mild steel sheets. The inner chamber is CYLINDRICAL / RECTANGULAR in shape made of stainless steel sheets with provision for vacuum pump and the vacuum gauge is provided at the top of unit. The inner chamber accommodate one no. Stainless steel tray at adjustable height.

The Laboratory Vacuum Oven is insulated with special grade glass wool to reduce the radiation heat loss to the minimum. The door is of stainless steel plate with a specially designed mechanism having alignment. A perfect seal is obtained by a positive screw specially designed for tightening the lid. A glass window is provided in the centre for viewing without opening the door.

A set of band heaters is wrapped around the vacuum chamber for fast response and maximum uniformity of heat. The temperature is indicated and controlled by a microprocessor based PID Temperature indicator cum controller working in conjunction with RTD sensor.

A compact model control panel accommodating, pilot Indicating lamps, PID Temperature controller, will be fitted on the side of the oven for easy operation. Digiqual Manufacturers Vacuum Oven Non Standard Models & Sizes as per Customer Requirements.

Chamber Size(diameter × Depth) mm 200 × 200 250 × 250 250 × 300 300 × 300
Maximum,Temperature ° C 200 200 200 200
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