Muffle Furnace – 1400°C

Muffle Furnace – 1400°C

Digiqual 1400°C Muffle Furnace Construction comprises of double walled chamber, outer made of cold rolled mild steel sheets and finished in powder coating paint. inner chamber formed by High temperature withstand zirconia vacuum board followed by ceramic fibre blankets on all the sides. double walled door mounted on heavy-duty hinges in the front is provided with effective locking arrangements. optionally, the door can be provided with door limit switch to cut off the power supply whenever the door is opened and to restart when the door is closed.

The High Temperature Furnace 1400°C / Muffle Furnace will be heated by means of HIGH QUALITY SILICON CARBIDE RODS. Temperature is maintained and controlled by Digital PID temperature controller with SSR output. Alternatively a Microprocessor based PID Controller auto tuned with Thyristor control Device working in conjunction with Pt/Pt/Rh 13% Thermocouple.
High Temperature Furnace 1400°C / Muffle Furnace Control Panel:

  • compact control panel accommodating the following will be provided along with the furnace:
  • PID/Programmable Controller
  • Pilot Indicating Lights
  • SSR
  • Thyristor Power Control Device
  • Voltmeter & Ammeter
  • Main Isolating switch


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Technical specification
Continuous operating Temperature 1350°C
Maximum Temperature 1400°C
Temp.Accuracy ±1%
Operating Voltage 230 volts single Phase 50 cys
  1. Microprocessor based PID Controller with SSR output for better accuracy of 2 to 3 Degs C
  2. Programmable Controller for cyclic program control
  3. Thyristor control Device
  4. Imported Silicon carbide Heating Element
Model No. Inner Chamber size Power Rating kw
DQ-HMF-01 125 × 125 × 250 mm 6.0 Kw
DQ-HMF-02 150 × 150 × 300mm 6.0 Kw
DQ-HMF-03 200 × 200 × 300 mm 8.0 Kw 3 phase
DQ-HMF-04 300 × 300 × 300 mm 9.0 Kw 3 phase