Stainless Steel Laboratory Oven

Stainless Steel Laboratory Oven

Digiqual Systems Manufacturers Stainless Steel ( SS ) Laboratory Hot Air Oven . Inter space in between the outer and middle wall is tightly packed with special grade glass wool. the outside skin temperature will be around 20 top 30 degs C above ambient. The oven will be provided with required number of adjustable Trays.

In Stainless Steel ( SS ) Hot Air Oven Electric Tubular Air Heaters with SS Fins is provided which will have much longer life. The Heating system will be designed for max.250 degs C operation with uniform temperature all over the Oven Chamber.

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In Stainless Steel ( SS ) Laboratory Hot Air Oven An Air circulation fan with a suitable motor mounted at the back for ensuring uniform temperature throughout the heating chamber. The temperature inside the chamber is controlled by a Digital Temperature Indicator cum controller which will work in conjunction with a Thermocouple.
Technical Specifications
Temperature Range Ambient +5°C to 250°C
Temperature Accuracy 5°C
Operating Voltage 230 Voltage
Chamber Size Trays Power Rating kw
300 X 300 X 300 2 1.0
355 X 355 X 355 2 1.2
455 X 455 X 455 2 1.8
455 X 455 X 605 2 2.4
605 X 605 X 605 3 3.0
605 X 455 X 910 3 4.0
605 X 605 X 910 3 4.0