Finned Strip heaters

Finned Strip heaters

Digiqual systems is an Industrial Heater Manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India, Chennai Digiqual Heater Manufacturer in Chennai providing best Tubular heaters, Hot runner Heaters, Silica Glass Heater, Cartridge Heaters, Band heaters, Strip heaters, Oil Immersion Heaters , Water Immersion Heater, Ceramic Band Heater , Mica Band Heaters and more.

DIGUQAL’S Finned Strip Heaters are made of helically wound resistance coil evenly stretched and strung through series of ceramic insulators. Resistance coil is mechanically connected to screw terminals or lead wires for positive connection. The element assembly is electrically insulated and covered by metal sheathing. Heater MOC Will be of Galvanized Iron.

  • Kanthal resistance wire (Nickel Chrome resistance wire optional)
  • Screw or wire lead termination
  • Available with fins
  • Maximum sheath Temperature: 400oC
  • Nominal watt density: 3.2 watts/cm2
  • Available in sizes: (W x T) 32mm x 8mm, 38mm x 10mm, 45mm x 12mm.
  • Length Maximum 2000mm


  • Ovens
  • Hot plates
  • Moulds
  • Dies
  • Drying
  • Melting
  • Baking
  • Incubators
  • Food Warmers
  • Air Heating
  • Sealing Bars
  • Load Banks

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