Laboratory 6 Hole Water Bath

Laboratory 6/12 Hole Water Bath

Digiqual systems is an Laboratory Bath manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India offer custom Laboratory Water Bath solutions and also supplies its Laboratory Water bath all over the world at wholesale price. We are specialized in Laboratory 6 / 12 Hole Water Bath, Constant Temperature Water bath, Serological Water Bath, Vertical Auto Clave, Oil bath and more.

Single walled completely made of stainless steel. The temperature is controlled by a Digital PD Temperature Controller from ambient 5 to 90 °C with a control accuracy of ± 0. 5 °C. The bath is provided with concentric rings. Control Panel with Digital Controller , on/off switch, Indicating Lamps , wire and plug to work on 230 V AC.

Chamber size
300 x 250 x 100 mm(6 holes of Ø 75 mm)
300 x 405 x 100 mm(12 holes of Ø 75 mm)

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