RTD PT 100 Sensor with Head & Terminal

RTD PT 100 Sensor with Head & Terminal

This rugged design offers a variety of protection heads with 1/2″ NPT mounting threads and 304SS sheath. Note that the final length dimension is reduced by 1/2″ so if used in a thermowell the sensor will not bottom and cause damage to the sensor. The standard probe uses a Style 2 (3-wire) lead configuration, but other configurations are available. All probes include a screw terminal block for easy connection of copper extension wire.


  • Longer service life
  • Easy to replace
  • Efficient performance


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Specifications :
  • Rugged Design Offers a Variety of Protection Heads with 1/2 NPT Mounting Threads and a Screw-Type Terminal Block
  • Fixed Length Probe: 304 SST Sheath Connected to 304 SST Hex Fitting Spring Loaded: Improved Response Time and Vibration Resistance When Used in Thermowells
  • Sensors Contain 100 Ohm Class “B” DIN Platinum Thin Film Elements
  • Standard 3-Wire Configurations with IEC60751/ASTM-E-1137 Color Codes (2- and 4-Wire Configurations also Available)
  • Fixed Length Operating Temperature: -50 to 500ºC ; Spring Loaded Temperature Range: -50 to 500°C (-50 to 260ºC at Head)
  • Fixed Length Probe Can be Used as a Direct Immersion Sensor with the Protection Head Isolating the Connections from the Outside Environment
  • Optional 4 to 20 mA Transmitters Can Be Conveniently Installed . Heads will accommodate Transmitters
RTD PT 100 Sensor with Head & Terminal – Technical Specifications
Type Sheath Material Sheath O.D.(d) Element Length Process Connection (**)
Min Std Max Std Std
Class B SS 316 3/16” 2” 18” 12” 3/8” ½” ¾” BSP (M)
Class B SS 316 1/4″ 2” 36” 12” 3/8” ½” ¾” BSP (M)
Class B SS 316 8MM 2” 36” 12” 3/8” ½” ¾” BSP (M)