Horizontal Tubular Furnace

Horizontal Tubular Furnace

Vacuum CVD Tubular Furnace

Digiqual Systems Manufacturers Horizontal Tubular Furnace 1100* C, Vacuum CVD Tubular Furnace, Horizontal Vacuum Tubular Furnace with Gas Fittings & Couplings which can Achieve 10 x – 3 Vacuum.

Horizontal Tubular Furnace is Fabricated out of Double walled chamber, outer chamber made of cold rolled mild steel sheets and finished in powder coating or Complete Fabrication in Stainless Steel 304 Material. The Inner chamber is formed by high Alumina tube capable of withstanding temperature up to 1200 °C. The tube will have one end closed or both ends opened as per the requirement of customers. Insulation with high-density superior quality ceramic fibre blanket.

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The Horizontal Vacuum Tubular Furnace furnace is heated by Kanthal heating elements or by Silicon Carbide Heating Elements Depending on the Model whether it is 1100* C or 1400 * C. The temperature is controlled Digital PID Controller with S.S.R output. The sensor will be Cr/Al type thermocouple. The size of the tubes available are 40 to 150 mm ID and Length of 350 mm to 1000 mm. Suitable SS 304 Fittings are provided for Gas Inlet / Outlet, Vacuum Creation & other purposes with KF Couplings & Clamps. Horizontal Vacuum Tubular Furnace Fittings are Designed in Such a way that it Creates 10 x -3 Vacuum.
Technical Specification
Operating Temperature range : 600-1000 °C
Max. Temperature : 1100* C
Temp Accuracy : +/- 1* C.
Operating Voltage : 230 volts, Single Phase
  1. Microprocessor Based Programmable Temperature
  2. Controller with Thyristor Output for Better Accuracy.
  3. End Fittings for Inert Atmosphere Purging
  4. Quartz Tube with End Fittings.
Tube Size (mm) Rating (Watts)
Ø 50 x 350 (L) 750
Ø 75 x 600 (L) 1000
Ø 110 x 600 (L) 2000
Ø 150 x 600 (L) 4000