Rtd Sensors

Rtd Sensors

Rtd Sensor with
Extension Cable
Rtd Sensor with
Head and Terminal
Rtd Sensor with Thermowell
Motor Winding Rtd Temperature Sensor Simplex (Single element) stator winding RTDs

Rtd Sensor with Extension Cable

Digiqual systems is an Rtd ( Pt 100 ) Sensor manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India, Chennai Digiqual is a premier manufacturer & supplier of Rtd Sensor, Pt 100 Temperature Sensor, Rtd ( Pt 100 ) Sensor with Head & Terminal, Motor Winding Rtd Temperature Sensor, Rtd Sensor with Teflon Extension Cable, High Temperature Rtd Sensor.
Rtd Sensor with Cable
RTD PT100 probe sensors have Class B elements with attached lead wire in a convenient 5 pack. These OEM RTD sensors are supplied with attached lead wires for added flexibility in many replacement probe or OEM RTD sensor applications. The size of the potted junction between the lead wire and element is kept as small as possible. Note: These elements are not intended for direct immersion into liquids.

Rtd Sensor with Head and Terminal

Rtd sensor with head
This rugged design offers a variety of protection heads with 1/2″ NPT mounting threads and 304SS sheath. Note that the final length dimension is reduced by 1/2″ so if used in a thermowell the sensor will not bottom and cause damage to the sensor. The standard probe uses a Style 2 (3-wire) lead configuration, but other configurations are available. All probes include a screw terminal block for easy connection of copper extension wire.


  • Longer service life
  • Easy to replace
  • Efficient performance

Specifications :

  • Rugged Design Offers a Variety of Protection Heads with 1/2 NPT Mounting Threads and a Screw-Type Terminal Block
  • Fixed Length Probe: 304 SST Sheath Connected to 304 SST Hex Fitting Spring Loaded: Improved Response Time and Vibration Resistance When Used in Thermowells
  • Sensors Contain 100 Ohm Class “B” DIN Platinum Thin Film Elements
  • Standard 3-Wire Configurations with IEC60751/ASTM-E-1137 Color Codes (2- and 4-Wire Configurations also Available)
  • Fixed Length Operating Temperature: -50 to 500ºC ; Spring Loaded Temperature Range: -50 to 500°C (-50 to 260ºC at Head)
  • Fixed Length Probe Can be Used as a Direct Immersion Sensor with the Protection Head Isolating the Connections from the Outside Environment
  • Optional 4 to 20 mA Transmitters Can Be Conveniently Installed . Heads will accommodate Transmitters
Technical Specifications
Type Sheath Material Sheath O.D.(d) Element Length Process Connection (**)
Min Std Max Std Std
Class B SS 316 3/16” 2” 18” 12” 3/8” ½” ¾” BSP (M)
Class B SS 316 1/4″ 2” 36” 12” 3/8” ½” ¾” BSP (M)
Class B SS 316 8MM 2” 36” 12” 3/8” ½” ¾” BSP (M)

Rtd Sensor with Thermowell

Rtd sensor with Thermowell
We have been manufacturing quality Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTD’s), also known as resistive temperature dedectors.
Measurement of temperature with a resistance temperature detector is a matter of measuring resistance. The sensing element in an RTD is usually a small diameter wire, processed in such a manner so that its’ resistance will change in a known and repeatable manner relative to temperature.
RTD’s are commonly used because their results are more stable, accurate and repeatable. We offer many RTD sensor types and parts including terminal heads, terminal and barrier blocks, extensions and RTD elements.
Types of Rtd’s

  • Platinum RTD’s
  • Nickel RTD’s
  • Copper RTD’s
  • High Accuracy RTD’s
  • Hard Pack RTD’s
  • RTD / Transmitter Assemblies
  • RTD Assemblies

Motor Winding Rtd Temperature Sensor

Simplex (Single element) stator winding RTDs
DSC02163Stator Winding Senosr

The Stator winding temperature detector (RTD) are used to measure winding temperature of large Motors, Generators etc. These sensor are sandwiched between the windings of Motors/Generators. Unlike on/off devices, It allows continuous measurement of winding temperature. Normally six sensors are recommended for each motor, Two per Phase. This RTD are generally flat type in construction and are available in various sizes.

Type : PT 100(100 ohm at 0 degC)*
Model : TSRE series
Body Material : Fibre Glass epoxy
Temperature Class : Class F(Temperature limit:155 DegC) or
Class H(Temperature limit:180 DegC)
Calibration Standard : IEC 60751 Or DIN 43760
Temperature coefficient(TCR):0.003850
Accuracy : Class A/B/2B
Sensing current : 10mA maximum
Dielectric strength : 3 KV/50Hz for 1minute between leads & surface of Glass epoxy
body (Increased dielectric strength up to 5 KV/ 50Hz for 1 minute upon request.)