Laboratory Oil Bath Cylindrical

Laboratory Oil Bath Cylindrical

Double Walled chamber, inner made of polished stainless steel and outer is made of mild steel sheet with powder coat finish. Inter space between the walls is insulated with special grade glass wool. Special Type Ceramic Band heaters are provided on the Outer side of Tank for heating purpose , Heater is Controlled by Digital Temperature Controller with SSR .
K Type Thermocouple will be Used.
Temperature Range : Ambient 5 * C to 250 * C
Control Panel accommodating pilot lamp Supplied complete with plug and cord.

Capacity Rating
500 ml 400 watts
1000 ml 750 watts
2000 ml 1000 watts
3000 ml 1500 watts
5000 ml 1500 watts
10 ltrs 2000 watts
20 ltrs 2500 watts


Automatic digital temperature controller with Fek sensor

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