Laboratory Hot Air Oven

Digiqual systems is an Laboratory & Industrial Oven Manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India. We manufacture industrial-size that Industrial Tray Oven & Oven systems like Laboratory Hot Air oven, Stainless Steel Laboratory Oven, Vacuum Oven, Plastic Pre-Heating Oven, Industrial Box Oven, Industrial Tray Dryer and Cashew Drying Oven, We customize according to customer specification.

Digiqual Systems manufacturers Laboratory Hot Air Oven. Inter space in between the outer and middle wall is tightly packed with special grade glass wool. The outside skin temperature will be around 20 top 30 degs C above ambient. The oven will be provided with required number of adjustable trays.

In Hot Air Oven Electric Tubular Air Heaters with SS Fins is provided which will have much longer life. The Heating system will be designed for max.250 * C operation with uniform temperature all over the oven chamber.

In Laboratory Hot Air Oven, an Air circulation fan with a suitable motor mounted at the back for ensuring uniform temperature throughout the heating chamber. Motor Cut off is provided for Motor Safety. The temperature will be controlled by a Digital Temperature controller Followed By SSR With Heat Sink, which will work in conjunction with a Thermocouple.

A control Panel Provided with Digital Indicator Controller, Motor On/Off Switch, Heater On/Off Switch, Indicator Lamps for line and load, Main switch, Fuse etc is provided.

Technical Specifications
Temperature Range : Ambient +/- 5°C to 250°C
Temperature Accuracy : +/- 1°C
: 230 Voltage
Laboratory Hot Air Oven – Specifications
Chamber Size Trays Power Rating kw
300 X 300 X 300 – Model : DQ-OV-01 2 1.0
355 X 355 X 355 – Model : DQ-OV-02 2 1.2
455 X 455 X 455 – Model : DQ-OV-03 2 1.8
455 X 455 X 605 – Model : DQ-OV-04 2 2.4
605 X 605 X 605 – Model : DQ-OV-05 3 3.0
605 X 455 X 910 – Model : DQ-OV-06 3 4.0
605 X 605 X 910 – Model : DQ-OV-07 3 4.0
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