Colony Counter

The most time-consuming part of carrying out a microbial count is the actual counting process on petri dishes. Colony counters facilitate this task and as a result are essential in every bacteriological laboratory. Their particular advantages are the easy, rapid and reliable counting of bacterial colonies with very simple handling.
DIGIQUAL colony counter is easy to use and allows fatigue-free and safe work thanks to its problem-free counting mechanism: Marking the colonies on the petri dish with the marker pen activates the counter.

  • 4 digit 7 segment LED
  • Long Life Electronic Pen
  • 110 mm Dia Magnifying Glass
  • Audible Buzzer Indication for Each Count
  • Uniform Glare free illumination
  • Wolffhugel Glass Grid with Focusing Facility
  • X 1.7 Surface Magnification
  • 230V AC Operating Supply


  • Drinking Water plant
  • Pharmaceutical
  • RO Water Treatment
  • Plating Sewage Water
  • Health Care
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